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Natural gemstone round beads sample, natural stone beads sample 10 Type

  • $6.80

This is a natural gemstone round beads sample pack, including 10 kinds of natural stone round beads.

You can request a sample pack to check the beads quality before making a bulk order.

1.Natural picture stone 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm round beads Picture Jasper round beads. 

2.Wood jasper 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm round beads Wooden Jasper round beads. 

3.10mm/12mm Natural moukaite round beads Moukaite/Mookaite round beads 

4.12mm/14mm/16mm Natural white howlite round beads White howlite round beads 

5.14mm/16mm Natural Cream White howlite round beads Cream white howlite round beads 

6.Rhodonite 8mm/10mm round beads Rhodonite round beads 

7. Natural Snowflake Obsidian 10mm/12mm round beads Snowflake obsidian round beads  

8.  Sodalite round beads 

9. Matt finish Natural amazonite 8mm/10mm/12mm round beads Amazonite stone round beads 

10.Natural green aventurine 4mm|6mm|8mm\10mm round beads Green aventurine 

Size from 4mm to 10mm available, please choose a size and request. Each kinds stone can make a simple little bracelet.

4mm pack with 40 beads for each stone, 10 kinds of stone total 400 beads.

6mm pack with 30 beads for each stone, 10 kinds of stone total 300 beads.

8mm pack with 23 beads for each stone, 10 kinds of stone total 230 beads.

10mm pack with 19 beads for each stone, 10 kinds of stone total 190 beads.

Each customer can only request 1 time the sample.


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