Healing Powers and characteristics of Amazonite stone

Meta description: Amazonite and its healing properties; gemstone famous for cleansing the spirit, balancing the mind and healing emotional traumas

Do you believe in good-luck charms? Scratch that, do you believe in luck at all? Whatever your answer may be, as it happens, you have stumbled upon something (by sheer luck, might I say!) that is going to fascinate you to the core. This gemstone known for its profound relation with "good luck" and "hope" is something you will fall in love with if you aren't already.

Learning about this Gemstone

A deep soothing green rock stored away inside the earth for thousands of years; Amazonite is one of nature's marvels. Amazonite is a semi-opaque pale green rock, with creamy white streaks. The color varies from pale green to aqua green and sometimes turquoise.

Amazonite stone bracelet

The very looks of this rock instill tranquility into your soul, like the freshwater of a rushing river. The green reflects freshness, sagacity, and integrity. Amazonite is also an embodiment of empowerment and boldness exhibited by the strong Amazonite women.

Amazonite Healing Powers in Spiritual Context

One doesn't have to be superstitious to believe in the fascinating properties of this gemstone. Let’s take a walk through them.

Amazonite is soothing, empowering, and healing, both physically and spiritually. It evokes rationality and a sense of calmness and clarity. Humans are bound to indulge in deep conflicts with themselves and with people around them. This is where this gemstone has, throughout history, proven its wondrous powers.

Tackling the inner conflicts of the mind, boosting your confidence, and helping you discover your potential—Amazonite is known for its specialties with "the self." It manifests self-discipline, opening new doors in learning of self as well as life through meditation.

Times when you're down and feel a massive absence of self-worth, summon the Amazonite powers and avail them to your needs. This gemstone will help you with self-discovery and lead you to a new territory marked by your strengths, potential, and abilities.

Amazonite is known to inspire intellect and intuition. It encourages a more organized and prudent outlook towards your surroundings and life in general, balancing practicality and ideality. It allows a person to plunge into daring new challenges of living with more conviction in their strengths.

Amazonite disposes of negative energy, relieves aggravation, and brings you to a place of sensibility. Thus, it is often suggested to make use of Amazonite gemstones in your workplace to reach an enormous potential without losing your sanity to stress, rage, and frustration.

One of the more prominent Amazonite properties is that it is a balance of masculine and feminine energies. A sense of stability and balance comes with this hope stone, letting you get a hold of your element.

Another significant property of Amazonite is its fundamental relation with "truth." If you are struggling with something that needs to be said but is very difficult to do so, tap into the Amazonite rock! It paves your way to noble expression with integrity and wisdom. For these reasons, Amazonite is also known as "The Stone of Truth” and “The Stone of Courage."

Chakras and Healing Therapies

Amazonite is famously associated with heart and throat chakras. Placed against the chest, this rock has cathartic abilities as it drains your body of negative energies, stress, and aggression, making you feel light as a water bubble!

Your heart is where you feel emotional traumas, and pain caused by several triggers, like breaking up with your partner, family issues, complications within a relationship. Call upon Amazonite to relieve you of this stress and provide you with compassion, clarity, and harmony.

Now let's talk about throat chakras. It deals with communication and expression of your beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. When you feel trapped inside an invisible cage that holds you back from a much needed emotional release, Amazonite rock comes in.

Therapeutic in nature, the rock helps you with effective communication and dislodges the mental and emotional barriers of your spirit.

Medical Miracles

This mineral loaded rock is also used in dental treatments such as osteoporosis. It is especially useful for calcium deficiencies and tooth decay.

If we take a step back into the history of amazonite usage, it is brimming with many facts as well as myths and semi-myths. Most famously, in the legends of Amazonians, it is said that a daunting group of female warriors used to treat illnesses with Amazonite, and this rock was a favorite with the healers.

And it is no doubt that Amazonite jewelry was part of their attire in the form of mala, necklaces, rings, and amulets. Pretty badass, right!

Today it is known to enhance cell regeneration and soothe the nervous system by easing the flow of neural impulses.

Carrying Amazonite Gemstones and Beads

Let us guide you through ways you can rock this rock!

  • Wear a string of Amazonite beads around your wrist as a cool bracelet.
  • Make a mala (necklace) out of Amazonite beads and show off your edgy, ethnic sense of style.
  • Get an Amazonite stone made into a ring or earrings for your everyday wear.
  • Get Amazonite beads etched into an amulet of your choice (be creative!) or a dreamcatcher.

A Small Dive into the History of Amazonite

For centuries, Amazonite has been used for various purposes, from beautification to healing. In Ancient Egypt, Amazonite was cut into beads and used to adorn tables, buildings, and even shields. Evidence of Amazonite jewelry, particularly Amazonite beads, is also found in many places.

As the name suggests, Amazonite was named after the Amazon River, for its very first extracts took place in the surrounding region. However, it is to be noticed that Amazonite is not found there anymore.

The famous places where this mineral is mined are China, Libya, the United States, and Mongolia, among a few others.


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