Getting to know precious and semi-precious gemstones

Getting to know precious and semi-precious gemstones

Meta description: A list of precious and semi-precious gemstones, their properties, spiritual meaning, and use in jewelry

Mother Earth gifted us with amazing things when we came down here from heaven, and one of those gifts were gemstones. Each one with its unique qualities and exceptional beauty, these gemstones also have abilities to reach out to us in their mystifying ways. Let’s have a look.

We all know about the four most precious stones: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. These are the most sought after stones in the world for their beauty, value, and rarity. But we have heard enough about them, haven’t we?

Let’s get to know the lesser-known yet equally invaluable gems of the world—semi-precious gemstones.

Dive into these exquisite creations of the earth and pick the ones that speak to you!


Amethyst cluster

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How unbelievably beautiful is the color! Amethyst, the violet beauty, is known for its perfectionist looks and vast demand in the world of jewelry. This semi-precious gemstone has been highly esteemed through centuries because of its association with royalty as well as religion. Its unique, saturated beauty never fails to entrance people in the first look.

But that is not all Amethyst is capable of! This gemstone is purifying in nature and has healing properties. As it is related to Crown Chakra, it draws off the dark energies that engulf your spirit and purges your mind.

Do you feel any blockages in your thought process that you want to get rid of? Or do you want a gorgeous new addition in your jewelry box? Perhaps both? Amethyst can always be your go-to gemstone!


Dream agate teardrop beads

Agate with stunning bands and color patterns you can’t miss! Agate is often referred to as “stabilizer” for its unmistakably strong “earth properties”. It provides you with stability and support—acts as a grounding element in your life. It also enriches your personality with impressive balance.

Agate comes in lovely colors, textures, and shapes; thus we have rounded up an amazing collection for you right here! Wear red, pink, green, black, blue, purple, brown, grey and even rainbow-colored Agate beads as adornments of your liking.


Natural yellow jade

Jade has been known as an imperial gemstone. The picture-perfect green of this ornamental rock truly blows you away. In some parts of the world, it is often counted amongst the precious stones because of its hypnotic beauty and rarity.

Jade is known to inspire liveliness and courage. It displays vibrant spiritual and physical healing abilities. Have you been feeling down for a while? Call upon Jade-y powers to bring you back to life in its full spirit and zeal.

Jade is a must for your collection if you are a gemstones lover!

African Turquoise

African Turquoise is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rocks to exist. Not exactly the color of turquoise, this gemstone is a shade of teal with dark intricate patterns, a web-like matrix, and spots that are fascinating to look at.

Natural African turquoise beads bracelets

Known as “The Stone of Evolution”, Agate is mainly concerned with life, transformation, and positivity. It is linked with Third Eye Chakra as it encourages fresh perspectives and clears your mental pathways towards your goals.


Amazonite stone

This pale green or blue-green gemstone has been revered throughout history for the exotic jewelry made with it as well as its healing powers. Amazonite rock is uniquely calming and beautiful.

Jewelry made with Amazonite beads is equally desired for its beauty and the soothing effects it has on your spirit. It has been called the Stone of Truth, the Stone of Courage, and the Hope Stone because Amazonite targets several aspects of the mind and the spirit.

handmade Amazonite beads earrings

Linked with Heart and Throat Chakras, it wards off negative energy, alleviates stress, enhances compassion, and improves communication. Grow your gemstone collection with these elegant Amazonite beads and jewelry!


Blue Angelite stone

Angelite is a cool blue gemstone particularly used for communication with higher being like angels, within different realms. It favors good communication and is relaxing in nature. It deals with Heart, Throat and Crown Chakra.

This strangely intriguing gemstone is said to have birthed psychic abilities in people, facilitating paranormal communication. How cool is that!

Angelite beads make beautiful jewelry like bracelets and necklaces and earrings for you to wear!


Rainbow obsidian

Obsidian—a bewitching black gemstone with its evident dark and mysterious vibes. On top of that, ‘Obsidian’ is one of the most exotic gemstone names you’ll come across!

Do you have a mysterious personality? Do you like gemstones? Obsidian just might be your rock!

This calm, exotic gemstone is linked with Base Chakra. That means it deals with your physical and spiritual energies and movements. Obsidian illuminates your darker traits leading you towards light and love.

Get yourself these remarkable Obsidian beads you’ll instantly adore!

Rose Quartz

Who doesn’t love pink? Rose Quartz is the loveliest of gemstones in gorgeous shades of pink. And the wonderful thing is, Rose Quartz holds all delicate, feminine properties as well.

For starters, it is called the Stone of Heart. It deals with matters of the heart. This pink stone fosters unconditional love, friendship, positive growth, and happiness. It stimulates virtue and quality communication.

No doubt, Rose Quartz makes for staggering jewelry which is popular among youngsters and adults alike!

Tiger’s Eye

The Stone of Power—Tiger’s Eye is one powerful yet warm gemstone. With its golden yellow color and red-brown bands, it radiates self-sufficient and vigilant energy inside you. This magnificent rock is prized for its associations with independence and balance.

Tiger eye stone bracelets

If you consider yourself passionate and fearless, this gemstone is definitely for you! Singularly attractive jewels are carved out of Tiger’s Eye which never fails to arrest your attention.


This ethereal gemstone is one of a kind. Everything about it draws you in—its moon-like elegance, dreamy appearance, and soft silvery glow.

Moonstone introduces a calm steadiness and stability in your daily life. As the Moon controls tides of the ocean, this gemstone draws its power from it and helps you get in touch with your inner unstable feelings.

Moonstone undrilled beads

This rock symbolizing the serene night sky complements your dreamy, sentimental moods perfectly!

Emperor Jasper

This stone is linked with virtue and integrity. It relieves your stress and provides you with purpose.

Purple green emperor jasper

Available in multiple striking colors, shapes, and textures, Emperor Jasper beads are too beautiful to miss!


The strong, mysterious stone of a deep green shade—Malachite. It resonates with power and wisdom. The green of this stone is refreshing and symbolizes growth and transformation.

Malachite studs earrings

Malachite beads in the form of mala, bracelets or even rings look extremely elegant and edgy.


Lava beads come from volcanic rock, which is quite fascinating in itself. Lava stone is linked with fertility and positive change.

Lava fish

Pick out your favorite lava beads and rock some solid lava!



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